Reviews for Authors

shriekweekMy cozy mystery novella has been languishing in the Amazon doldrums since the excitement of its first release faded.

At its best, it reached the Top 100 listing for cozy mystery in Amazon Australia. Now we are around the bottom of the listings–at 1,800,007 in the US, where it has no reviews, and at 501,660 in the UK where it has six 4 and 5 star reviews.

As an experiment, I am now researching and starting to use free review sites in the hope of gleaning more interest.

So far on my list, I have found:
The Wall ofP1010037 Books

My first request is going out to Dan Poynter’s ParaPublishing Marketplace. I’ve read his helpful newsletters for years and found some great books to review there so fingers crossed.

The link will also take you to the archive of past newsletters so you can see examples of review requests and find out how to make one.

The review process is easy–simply send an email with book details and a cover pic and the review request appears in the next newsletter.

I am experimenting using The Wall of Books. Disappointingly no-one seems to be adding reviews to the books listed there but at least it’s more visibility and another chance for Google to see the book mentioned and so post it higher on listings—well, that’s the hope. Watch this space.