A to Z Challenge

April A-Z Challenge
April A-Z Challenge

Only a week to go until the off.  I daren’t think of how much else I have to do and why  I amn’t doing it. I have been collecting a few more review sites and shall incorporate them as appropriate in my posts for the Challenge.

I thought I had signed up early and yet I’m number 629  in the registered list. There are now over 1200 blogs registered! Lots of new friends to make, new blogs to read.

And there’s still time–another ten days, in fact–to join in the fun. A blog post a day for all of April, with Sundays off for good behavior. It’s important, too, to visit five other blogs starting with the blog below yours in the list.

Read all about it in my post here

Theme for the A to Z Challenge

I’m sticking to the theme of my blog ,  and shall start with a post on Author Services and mention  a book review site beginning with A

Let’s see how long I last this year. My previous best was a G…

Perhaps I should start with A for Anxious instead. 🙂


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