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We authors , and I’m including all writers and bloggers, are big business. We may never be best sellers or make much money. But a multitude of businesses make money from us.

Author Beware

Marketers sell reports and how-to courses for promoting book and article sales. Educators teach  how to write a book that sells. Illustrators design the irresistible cover.

Free webinars always have an upsell. That gift report always has a must-have offer you need to buy to make it really useful. Author services come at a cost. The costs ratchet up.


In the good old days, writers just wrote or didn’t. Some went on the rampage instead.

Publishers bore the  costs and the publicity–even lent them money.

The great editor Maxwell Perkins nannied  authors as varied as F.Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway. He persuaded them through the bad times, celebrated the good.

Now, whether we are traditionally published, small press published or Indies, sales are up to us.

Author Services–Do You Need Them?

I was dead against it. I couldn’t afford extra costs. I wanted my book to pay for me, not me to pay for my book.

I started with the intention of Indie publishing but decided that trad was the best way to kick off my writing career. Many associations like the CWA, the MWA, and the equivalent Romance organizations  still do not accept self-published books. It also meant I had access to a great editor and cover artist for free. I did not have to prepare and format my own manuscript. I did not have to upload it and hawk it round various distributors.

I have help and advice on promotion and a network of fellow writers for support. All I have to do is collect reviews and sell my book…

All I have to do…

It takes so much time, I can hardly get my work done, far less write the next book.  So, I’m voting for Author Services. Do you agree?

P.S. If you’re going the same route,  just  don’t spend money you don’t have.

Today’s Tips: Author Review Sites

Awesome Gang: free and low-cost book promotion options.

Author Marketing Club: free options but has a well-reviewed premium option. Pricey but if you hunt around, you can find a lot of free help and advice too.

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8 thoughts on “A for Author Services”

  1. I am happy to pay for a good editor and decent cover artist. There are valid services that improve our work. I’m considering getting a professional to format my novel because she does such beautiful work and I just don’t have the time to learn the skill. However, I also don’t have a money tree in the garden so I prioritise.

    1. Perhaps you could offer to exchange services for the formatting–copywriting or advertising or something you could write for her? Or a royalty share suggestion? Perhaps even plant a money tree? Loved that thought. Let me know if you find out how to get hold of one 🙂

  2. Services like editors (and for self-published authors book cover designers and formatters) are almost always worth the cost, if you’re getting quality services for your money.

    It’s the middle men services that re the scams. The sort that offer to put you in a database for a fee, or will promote your work, for a fee, or will pt you in touch with agents, for a fee.

    Out of Print, Fiction authors and their shorts

    1. I first got cross when I found one of these. It charged for adding your book to ten websites, each of which you could have found yourself and added to for free.
      Well put, Nicky. That’s what we have to watch out for. So pleased to have your site link. Visited today and shall be visiting often. 🙂

  3. A great first post! I would definitely vote for author services. I feel like I could use all the help I can get.

    1. Thanks J.D. Think we have to be careful though as so many money-making sites are springing up without any guarantee that the promotion will be effective.
      Enjoyed your A for anime–always wanted to know more about that so you’ve rekindled my interest 🙂

  4. I’m hoping for traditional publication, in part because all that’s involved with self-pub is too daunting! Too many opportunities to question myself with ‘what if…’

    1. Good point. Wonderful to have someone else to chivvy you along and call the deadlines 🙂 Are you on the A-Z Challenge too? Please leave your blog title and/or list number so I can return the favour and visit you. Thanks for dropping by.

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