G for Google

timeismoneymorguefileIf you believe time is money, you don’t want to spend it creating  blogs and websites no one will see.

Google constantly keeps us ticking along.. Only two weeks left before  Google starts checking web pages to ensure they’re mobile-friendly.  If not,  the changes roll out from April 21. If a site does not pass muster, it will no longer appear in the searches.

This could be catastrophic. Your website could disappear into oblivion with no presence on this most popular Internet search engine.

If you are working with the newest version of your website software, you may well be okay. But better to be safe than sorry and you can have Google analyse your site with its mobile friendly checker here.

You will need to check all your pages. Your home page may be fine but that does not mean everything is okay. My Blogspot sites have passed muster. This Word Press site is good to go although it does have a link for another of my sites which isn’t 🙁

But if you are unlucky,the analysis page lets you know what may be wrong and advises how to fix it.

My neglected site which needed attention was easily fixed by updating to the latest WordPress version. (Version 4.1.1) Job done.

I only found out about this last week through a blog newsletter. Did you know about this? Are all your sites ready and set to be Googled?

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    1. No I didn’t. Takes me to understand up to 9 zeroes after the 1 which is, I think A British billion. Another new find for my vocabulary, Bob. Now off to see what you’re doing for H. 🙂

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