H for Heliotrope

vanilla_flower_heliotrope_solsticeAn odd choice for Author Resources? The heliotrope is a popular garden flowering plant, a wonderful shade of violet, and so deliciously fragrant ,it is sometimes described as the vanilla flower.

Ideal for the cozy mystery writer, it is an innocuous- seeming poisonous plant which can kill pets. This led me to this useful pictorial list of the top thirty poisonous plants which we often have around the home or in the garden. Lots of ideas for home-loving murderers there. 🙂

Heliotrope magazine

My initial reason for choosing the word was to pay homage to that great speculative fiction magazine Heliotrope. I came across it recently in a list of high-paying freelance titles. You can still download the five magazine issues but sadly, Heliotrope, editor-in-chief Jay Tomio, is gone. This tribute from SF encyclopedia was published in 2012. Worth a look for the great graphics and the great writers they managed to attract. May be useful for triggering your own creative ideas.

It is,  however,  a warning that stuff stays on the web forever,.  Always check that information is up-to-date.

More heliotrope definitions

Wikipedia lists uses of the name in entertainment and media, its use as a surveying tool, and for a home which rotates to catch the sun–all potential mystery plot starter ideas.

images today from all-free-digital download.comJust take care not to be diverted to Shutterstock if you want the free images. No H  there,  I’m afraid,  so went for help instead, 🙂224_2000x2000_all-free-download.com_6042229


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