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publisherfdpJust typing the words  I for Indie gives me a frisson of excitement at how much the publishing world has changed in the last decade. But going it alone is not for the faint-hearted and especially not nowadays. Despite the hyoe that hits our email boxes every day, very few of us are going to earn $1000 dollars a day from our e-books.

We may be able to provide the quality but without a backlist ready to self-publish, can we provide the necessary quantity to ramp up sales. Are we writing in a niche thousands want to read?

You may well have seen the infographic published by lulu,com earlier this year on traditional versus self-publishing when it comes to the value of a book. If so, be sure to check out the math.

Dana Beth Weinberg clearly points out  the trouble with indie math.  And the figures may make the struggling Indie feel even more insecure.  A lot of us have very few sales indeed.

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6 thoughts on “I for Insecure Indie”

  1. Thanks for this. As a traditionally published author I have considered Indie-writing as a possible next option. At least you get to publish when the book is ready. But the math scares me off every time! I identify with Dana Beth Weinberg’s reasoning.

    1. It is a risk and an increasing risk with the daily addition of so many books to the lists. If you have a strong platform and list, you have a better chance of success. The joy of Indie publishing is being able to write what you want to write and to build an audience for it.

  2. For me, the maths is irrelevant. I choose to be independent because it fits with my needs. I might make more money per book, but I also have a higher outlay. I have to pay for cover art and editing. I have to market and distribute more than a traditionally published author. BUT I get to do it on my timescale, writing about what I want to write and using the cover artist of my choice. I don’t expect to make my fortune. I just want to get a decent project out there on my terms.

    TD Harvey
    A to Z participant

  3. Great post! I have a friend who is an Indie Author. And one thing she knows about not trying to get published through an established publishing house is that her first couple of books didn’t really fit into a niche that she felt would be easy to sell them under. She’s got some that will be more romance that she plans to attempt later possibly past self publishing. If you have time you should stop by and check out my I post.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Lisa. One of the strongest reasons for self-publishing is having a niche that does not fit the traditional requirements. Hope she’s successful. And yes, I did pop by and see you 🙂

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