J for Jings, it’s Jing

Jings is a slang term beloved of readers of the Scottish Sunday Post, read by nostalgic ex-pats all over the world. It’s one of Oor Wullie’s favourite catchphrases along with Crivvens and Help ma boab.

Jings–it’s oor Wullie

Its nearest equivalent in the USA might be Gee Whiz.


I have just downloaded Jing to my new computer and I swear it’s better and easier to use than ever. It’s a totally free download and does not seem to have any annoying nasty add-ons but check the options button at the foot of the download installer just to make sure you choose the options for yourself.

There is an extensive list of tutorials both for Windows and Mac, should you need help.

You can easily select and print or video either the whole or any part of your computer screen,  then save, share, or embed in your blog or website.

Watch out for me vlogging before the A-Z challenge is over! 🙂

Jings! Wha’d uv kent ah’d ever dae that! (translatiion, if you want one, on Monday’s post)

Do you have a favorite catchphrase from a cartoon character?  A favorite piece of useful free software to share?

Loads of clips of Oor Wullie and the Broons on You Tube

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 Theeradech Sanin at–where else?–Free Digital Photos


6 thoughts on “J for Jings, it’s Jing”

  1. Hmm, interesting post. Not sure I’ll ever vlog. I don’t really like my voice or being on camera. I know a lot of people do it these days though. I rarely watch them though. I would rather read through myself. Seems to take me less time that way and I can visit more blogs and post more comments if I just read. Thanks for stopping by my blog again! And if you have time, you should check out my J Post.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Its good fun. I love the mice in Bagpus. Heave. Heave. I do that in a squeaky voice whenever I have to move something heavy 😉

    I’ve never heard of Jing. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out. I like Calibre for converting file types.

    TD Harvey
    A to Z participant

    1. I’ve been laughing about the Bagpuss mice since I read this and tried the Heave,Heave moving the last lot of hay bales hehehe. Horse thought I was mad…

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