M for malapropism

I love  figures of speech and malapropism has long been a favorite. Malapropisms abounded in the language long before Sheridan’s Mrs Malaprop became forever famed for her funny-by-accident misuse of words.  Her attempts to add big words to her vocabulary resulted in adding words which bore a strong resemblance to the word she wanted but had a different meaning entirely.

The jolly video has a mixture of malapropisms and the more modern variation–Bushisms.

Do you have any particular malapropisms or other favorite figures of speech you could share in the comments below?

Motivational Promotion


Today only
Today only

Had to show off–my little book is on sale today at All Romance Ebooks  if you search for it.

And the photo below was captured with Jing. It looks good because it says show by Best Selling.  Obviously as the only title in the search it becomes best selling. rofl.

But I’m off now to buy my promotion copies so maybe I shall be a best seller before the day is over.

Watch out for N for Newsflash tomorrow–a free indie online conference timed to partner with the London Book Fair.

It starts today and runs Wednesday through Friday so register now


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