O for Open Library

libraryfdpWith fewer libraries open every day and none open all hours, the Open Library is a wonderful online resource. Its aim is to build a facility to store a copy of every book ever published . And each book has its own web page.
It’s not simply classic books. Through inter-library loans, lots of modern e-books sit on the virtual shelves too. You can borrow up to five books for two weeks.
They’re always looking for volunteers to help with adding books and fixing typos as well as ones to help develop the site and its software as the library–now over a million books–expands.
It’s a wonderful idea,  and already thousands of borrowers all over the world take advantage of the service.
But with so many free e-books on offer from all the online bookstores, and local libraries going online, will it be as popular an idea as it once might have been?
Do you borrow books or access anything else from your online library? Would you consider using the Open Library? Or is it easier simply to download the latest free e-book from Amazon to your PC or e-reader?

O for Octopus

Collective Nouns describe groups as one unit. Some we know–a flock of sheep. Others are distinctly odder.

Today’s collective noun: an arran of octopuses.  And yes, octopuses is correct. The word is not Latin but Greek so no octopi :-)The octopus illustrations from Sattva , the library photo from Pannawat at FreeDigital Photos.
octopus 2 octopusfdpnet