P for Pseudonym

manreadingpickupimageAre you writing in multiple genres? Do you use a pen name or pseudonym for novels of different genres? Many famous authors use pen names–but they often have support teams with whom they can share the load.

Before you decide to go for a pseudonym for your books, think carefully about the extra work involved using social media, blogs, newsletters for each name you choose.  As a new author, and if you are self-publishing, you will have enough work to do keeping up with marketing initiatives. Much easier to promote one name well rather than several haphazardly.

Are you writing under more than one name? under a pen name? How do you cope with the additional work involved in marketing? I’d love to know.


Free photo editors are useful not only to enhance and crop your photos but also to reduce the size to enable your web pages to load quickly and easily.

Try PicMonkey which has detailed video tutorials to help you increase your expertise.

And take a look at Pixlr–another free photo editor with over thirty helpful tutorials.

Don’t underestimate the power of pictures/illustrations in your marketing.

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    1. Hi Rosie,

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