Q for Quiz

As a new author,  how are you going to attract visitors to your blog? Are you offering free short stories? Excerpts from your book as you write it? Tales of your writing life?

These are always popular but they do not necessarily create the bonding between writer and readers that is so important in building a loyal following.

Giveaways or always good but a quiz is so much better at involving readers with both you and your books. In today’s A-Z challenge blogs, I suspect there are many Q for Quizzes.

Here’s a great Quiz on Quotes from Diane Coto at Fiction Zeal . It has everything, intriguing quotations from books, an irresistible challenge for booklovers, and of course, Diane’s response to all comments–essential if you want to start a conversation with people you hope will love your books.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Popped in on yours tonight but need to spend time to comment. Thanks for the heads up about the free book.

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