T is for Trailer

trailer with logs fdpNo, not that sort of trailer, though it does remind me of the rate we’ve been going through logs this winter. ūüôā

Video trailers may seem like an effort to produce but not nearly as back breaking as logging and loading trailers.

As in all promotional marketing “Buy my book, buy my book, buy my book” is a real turn off. Involve your readers, ask them for suggestions, ask questions in the video itself to intrigue readers.

A Memorable Campaign

One memorable campaign I remember well was not for a book but a course–Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel. ¬†Holly gave away a booklet¬†of tips highlighting everything that can go wrong in a first draft. She then posted this video on You Tube to illustrate one of her choices.

She offered prizes for readers to post their own videos illustrating any of the faults which appear in first drafts. They were hilarious.  For every reader who got involved there were probably hundreds of us watching the videos by the end.

Five years on, I still remember this promotion clearly and yes, I signed up for the course.

Video for the Faint Hearted

You may not have a video camera .

  • Try¬†¬†involving friends and family who may be keen photographers–the video does not have to be long and most cameras/smart phones capture video.
  • Use still photos with caption slides along the lines of a silent film.
  • Use Jing as recommended in a previous post or its pay-for relation Snagit¬†, which you can try¬†for 15 days on ¬†free trial.
  • Or easier still, take a look at Animoto where you can make¬†thirty second videos on the¬†free trial, using their templates and expertise.
  • Kathy Wheeler has a You Tube video on How to Make a Free Book Trailer. ¬†But using that title in the You Tube search box brings up many more interesting free book trailer suggestions and tutorials.
  • For ideas and for uploading your own video when made, visit BookReels¬†. I’ve just found this and it looks like another good letter T_owllearning and promotional experience.

trailer photo by Domdeen, owl by Theeradech Sanin, both from Free Digital Photos



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  1. Hi Annie, What a wonderful blog you have! Thank you so much for stopping by mine in the A to Z Challenge and for the invitation to provide the link to the book trailer for my book, The Christmas Village. Regards, Melissa

    1. So pleased to have your book trailer here–it’s such a great example of how it’s done. And I’ll be buying the book, probably reading it first before I send it off as a birthday present hehehe

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