V for Vlogging

vloggingTo Vlog or Not To Vlog?  That is the question.

Vlogging is blogging by video. A lot of ifs involved–if you don’t mind talking aloud. if you don’t mind being seen on screen, if you’re happy to post to screen sharing services like You tube, Screencast or Vimeo.

For : You can just talk to a camera and/or screen capture some slides. You can create a strong presence, find millions of followers, make money through advertising brands when successful. You might even sell some books.

Against: You have to talk on camera. You have to dress up–no more sitting around in pajamas and bunny slippers. You have to stockpile at least ten videos, vlog daily or at worst twice a week. You still have to produce transcripts of your vlog for those of us who hate sitting in front of videos. . .  See where I’m going with this?

Last year it was all the rage. Surveys this year show  vlogging  is far from the best option to use for marketing. According to the Daily Telegraph, it is bottom of the heap when it comes to converting message to money.

Skimming through the You Tube videos from the great and the good, I decided that the short fun ones seemed to have better responses. You have to be dedicated to sit through 30 minutes plus.


Now a nice how-to video using slide share and powerpoint slides posted every now and again could be a much better option.

Here’s how Dr John Yeoman of Writers’ Village made his first video.

Writers’ Village is a  wonderful site for conversation, classes and competitions, too. Well worth checking out.       V-copy

photo from Franky242 and Copy=ctrl+V from sscreations, both through Free Digital Photos


3 thoughts on “V for Vlogging”

  1. Vlogging sounds like a great way in which to reach new followers. The one-on-one contact has a certain appeal. But I’m too self-conscious to go this route.

    You have lovely place here.
    Great theme too! 🙂
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Writer In Transit

  2. One of my favorite blogs for this challenge is a lady doing short videos on writing (Doctor Faerie Godmother http://drfaeriegodmother.blogspot.com/). I’m slow to jump onto new technological trends (still haven’t Twittered), so I’m not ready to jump in myself. However, I would like to know more to make book trailers. Actually, my ten-year-old is making shorts with Cutie Cut. She could probably help me out!

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