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It seems self-evident that all writers should have a website but thenID-100247749 comes the problem of deciding what type or category of website should we choose.

A single static page can do the job, or a collection of static pages, or my favorite nowadays. a blog. Blogs are easy to administer and often free. Both Blogger and WordPress have an ever-expanding choice of free themes that are easy to customize. Both allow great flexibility and a mix of static and blog pages–useful if you wish to direct readers to a static home page, or special offer page, rather than the latest blog post.

According to Wikipedia, websites can be categorized in almost fifty ways. So it’s worth planning before diving in immediately to set up your website.

What Do You Want It To Do?

  • Do you simply want to list your books or books in progress?
  • Do you want to give away free reports, courses, short stories to your email list?
  • Do you want to sell goods directly?
  • Do you want to run an affiliate site–make money by selling recommended products?
  • Do you simply want to journal your thoughts and feelings?

Think very carefully before limit your options. Check that the website or blog format you use can adapt easily to your requirements. Check that you can set it up and manage it easily yourself. You do not want to have to pay for expert help whenever you need to change a page or special offer.

Before You Make a Decision:

Follow as many blogs as you can–take notes on what you consider to be their best features and their worst. Those of us on the A-Z Challenge have a wonderful learning opportunity with the chance to visit so many high quality blogs.

Visit and assess all the free website offers you can find.

Think carefully about the domain name you want. You may be stuck with it for some time.

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