Surviving the A-Z Challenge 2015

A-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+LgThis is my second year of taking the challenge and the first as a survivor.

I needed to undertake a second year because I needed to succeed.

Reasons for undertaking the A-Z Blogging Challenge

  • This is a new blog and the record of what I am learning and need to learn as a new author. I needed a reason to build up a series of posts.
  • I wanted to prove I could do it, having given up once before


  • I wrote every day and spent Sundays planning the week ahead.
  • I learned not to agonize over each post–just to write it.
  • I found so many good bloggers and wonderful writers to follow.
  • I found a new writer community and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling.
  • I learned a lot of awesome stuff and not just about writing.


I found myself looking forward to writing again and even reading poetry which I haven’t done for years. I was fascinated by the productivity of the flash fiction writers–day after day after day.

Had I planned and written ahead, I would have had far more time to visit more blogs and engage in more conversations. As it was, I found myself intrigued by the various topics. I had intended simply to follow writing blogs. But all blogs are, of course, writing blogs.

Loved the help and visits from the organisational team, enjoyed the challenge of trying to write sometthing people might want to read, and found the category initials for the blogs very useful in deciding what to read.

I shall stay in touch here and try to visit every blog at least once before next year’s challenge.

Will I be here again in 2016? Everything permitting, you bet!

Heartfelt thanks to the founder, organisers and team. Wonderful way to write and perfect way to make friends and meet kindred spirits.