Z for Zzzzzz #A to Z Challenge

happy winner
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Whew–the end of the A to Z Challenge and for the second year we made it! Tonight I shall be having a well-deserved zizz.

Have you remarked how often in novels and especially in cozy mysteries, the main character tosses and turns and eventually teases out a particularly tiresome clue in his sleep?

A dream sequence appears almost obligatory at some point. It underlines the mental strain the hero or heroine is suffering, it re-presents clues in a different format. It also allows for your main character not to be on top form the next day so that yet another complication in the plot can appear more baffling than it really is. 🙂

I’m not a great fan of the dream sequence in cozy mysteries but like it or not, it is omnipresent.

Sweet dreams–not-so-sweet dreams. I’m off for a well-deserved Zzzzzz.

sleeping Zzzzzz
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Y for Yesteryear #A to Z Challenge

INF3-117 Forces Recruitment ATS They can't get on without us Artist Dugdale

Cozy mysteries set in the past have a double edged appeal for writers and readers. They conjure up a recent past and have all the best qualities of historical fiction plus a mystery.

Several excellent series are based around events of World War 1 or 2. The historical background gives more depth to the genre though readers who prefer the lighter touch may well choose tea shop mysteries instead.

Some of my favorites are…pause while I research exact titles…and have a little think.

X for X Marks the Spot #A to Z Challenge

Xs made from lemons and limes
Thanks to Viacheslav-Blizniuk for the lemon and liime Xs found at freedigitalphotos.net

X marks the spot instantly brings back memories of favorite childhood books, treasure maps and just knowing there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There’s something very exciting about the idea that someplace there lies a hidden treasure.

The illustrated Xs created from slices of lemons and limes add a quirky, exotic flavor to the thought.

In the cozy mystery, you can use innumerable locations and so have innumerable Xs to stand for places where events have occurred, or places where clues are hidden, or simply places where characters interact and interpret or misinterpret what is happening.

Many of the most famous cozy mysteries have a place in the book title and the place provides not only the background but a deeper clue to the mystery.