V for Variation #A to Z Challenge

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photo by satit_srihin courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

A lot of fuss is made about formula fiction. Critics complain that cozy mysteries are all the same.

But the variation in the best cozy mysteries is infinite. The characters, settings, plot points are always different.

And cozy mystery buffs like the basic formula of an amateur sleuth solving a not-too-horrid murder in the face of opposition from police (sometimes) and villain (always).

A good book will sell a good series. Those of us who love them swallow them like chocolates. We are truly addicted. We are comfortable knowing that the books will follow a puzzle formula that we love. We are comfortable knowing that good will triumph and restore the world order.

The V could have stood for value because…   or villain because … or vamp because there usually is one.

It certainly could stand for valor as the main characters stand strong in their belief in justice –not always conventional but always understood to be on the side of the good guys.

Are you a cozy mystery reader or writer? What value do you gain from a good example of the genre? Who would you recommend?