C for Characters and Chaos #A-Z Challenge


putting order into the cozy mystery
courtesy of stuart miles at freedigitalphotos.net

Cozy Mysteries create order from chaos

Cozies traditionally start in an idyllic or, at least, a well-ordered community in which the characters know their place.  They know what to expect of life. They are used to malicious gossip but they are also used to solidarity and support of their neighbors.

The cozy begins by throwing the characters and their established world order into chaos. They can no longer trust each other and this leaves the way open to that other dramatic must-have: conflict.

Conflict is not  bickering and quarreling –it springs from seemingly irreconcilable goals pursued by the main characters. The police detective may need to make a quick arrest for policy purposes. Amateur sleuths, even if anti-heroes ,  take a moral stance that forces them to seek out the real culprit.

Family conflicts, professional conflicts, eco-conflicts are all grist to the cozy mill. Local newspapers can provide a rich source of ideas for characters and conflict.

Create your characters. Let them create havoc. Then restore order.


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