F for Fair and Square #A to Z Challenge

Dog Juggling (cartoon)
cartoon dog juggling courtesy of Mister GC and freedigitalphotos.net

You’ve chosen your ideal detective–quirky, entertaining and good at the job.

With all the clues to be juggled, the hard-working sleuth has to combine dexterity and flexibility.

A master of disguise and blessed with a brain are other descriptions which come to mind.

But most of all your sleuth has to be fair and solve the puzzle fair and square.

Play the Game

Not only the detective but also the author must play the cozy game to the hilt. There can be no cheating. Both detective and reader must be given the same clues at the same time so that each has an equal chance of solving the mystery. There can be no bringing in a sudden new suspect at the last minute.

“Didn’t I tell you Uncle Bertram’s grandson Tristran was on the train?” is not a valid clue if it only appears on the penultimate page of your novel.

F for Fun

I had originally intended to have an F for Fun because of the fun titles of today’s novels. Even if not funny, many are  punny. The crafty ones in particular love titles like: Dye No More or Sew Much Trouble or how about the titles that list in threes–Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys?

Whatever would dear Miss Marple make of that?





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    1. Surprise suspects certainly make wonderful endings but the readers must be given the chance to “detect” and they can’t do that if the villain is first introduced just before the showdown. Classically an important clue is hidden early on and hopefully it will be ignored or forgotten before the end. 🙂

      You do want to keep readers guessing throughout but how you do it is up to you. It is after all your book

      Thanks for visiting, Scarlett. Looking forward to visiting you in a mo.

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