G for Gardening #A to Z Challenge

smiling elderly lady gardener with flowers
courtesy of Poulsen Photo and freedigitalphotos.net

Gardening proves a fertile subject for many cozy mystery authors. Boosted by practical knowledge and research, it allows writers to drip feed tiny tips of interest to readers who are keen horticulturalists.

As a career for amateur sleuths–think Rosemary and Thyme series–it provides them with uppercrust backgrounds. Stately homes, film sets, Riviera settings, all are as perfectly possible as local allotments.

It is the ideal job if your detective needs to find excuses to slip away and tail a suspect. It provides innumerable chances to eavesdrop and even to find anything from hidden treasure to a missing corpse while creating a herbaceous border.

Even Miss Marple, who is hardly up to the effort of strenuous digging, overhears useful conversations while dead heading her roses,

From a villain’s point of view, a garden not only offers good hiding places for bodies but also the ingredients to turn a living enemy into a body in the first place. 🙂 Poisonous plants can bloom in deadly profusion everywhere you turn.

A garden is truly a perfect place in which to site not only the village fete but also the seeds for the cozy mystery,


4 thoughts on “G for Gardening #A to Z Challenge”

  1. Oh fun!! You’re right; gardens are a great setting and so underused in most of today’s books. Particularly young adult fiction. Do young people just not have the time or interest to develop a green thumb?

    1. You’ve opened my mind to new possibilities here, Andrea 🙂
      Thanks for that and for taking the time to pass by. Greatly appreciated.

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