H for How To…#A to Z Challenge

spooky picture to illustrate paranormal cozy genre
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How to write a cozy remains a mystery to me. Despite the innumerable cozies I have read since discovering Agatha Christie not long after Enid Blyton, the genre demands specialized skills that take time to acquire.

Contrary to mainstream publishing beliefs, cozies have a staunch following. Fans buy into series and remain loyal to favorite authors.

And no, the plots are not all the same and interchangeable.  🙂 Like the phoenix, the cozy always rises again.

Crossover genres are appearing in the top charts–paranormal cozies are particularly popular at the moment.

It seems to  me that writing a cozy mystery is something you can only learn for yourself.

You can follow classic novel writing procedure–three or five act structure. You can let the story stem from character or events. But then you have the additional problem of managing a relatively large cast of principal characters, all with their own secrets and motivations.

Next you need to position clues subtly throughout to confuse the reader into not seeing the solution until the main denouement in the final chapters.

Read as many as you can. That’s easy with so many authors offering a short story or free first book to entice readers into following the rest of the series.

Deconstruct one or two of your favorites to find out what is done and how it is done.

My problem lies in getting too involved n the story and forgetting I’m supposed to be looking at the mechanics. 🙂



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