K for Kitty Cat #A to Z Challenge

cartoon kitten in Christmas hat
Thanks to Pansa at freedigitalphotos.net

It’s hard to imagine a cozy mystery without a cute little animal at some point padding onto center stage.

Since Lilian Jackson Braun started penning The Cat Who… series, cats have been favorites. After all, everyone knows women are suckers when it comes to kittens and the color pink.  🙂

That said, I bought Lisa Lickel’s Meow Mayhem simply for the enchanting cat on the cover. Well, not quite true. Her Map Quilt series hooked me first.

I’ve just downloaded A Scone to Die For by H Y Hanna. It’s the number 1 best seller in Amazon’s Cozy Animal Mysteries category. And it has such a cute cartoon cover. Watch out for my thoughts in R for Reviews. 🙂

Why cats? They leave the sleuth free time to disappear and detect without rabid readers leaving disapproving reviews.

How could the main character go off for hours forgetting to walk the dog first? Sheer cruelty. I shall never read another of this author’s books.

Yes, it happens. If you’re hoping to win over the animal-loving market, get your pet care information 100% right.  🙂

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