L for Links #A to Z Challenge

bamboo basketry chain
photo by SritangPhoto found at freedigitalphotos.net

I love the subtlety of these bamboo basketry links. They look so light and fragile but instead are strong through their interdependence.

Links are vital both for us and for our writing. They are what differentiate jerky prose from smooth flowing narrative and unputdownable books.

Sentence links–conjunctions, adverbial phrases, or suggest some please in the comments below.

Paragraph links–a carefully used word echo,  or suggest some please in the comments below.  Sometimes the most obtrusive links are found introducing flashbacks. Study how your favorite author has done this well.

Chapter links–The hooks at the end of each chapter are what drive  readers  to read on, turn just one more page no matter how tired they are.

Networking links  are what help us market our writing.  Make friends of readers on social networks. Give and you receive support in return. But don’t expect it all to happen in a day.

Affiliate links are yet another way to monetize your blog. I keep threatening to try it, hence the message , but have never yet got round to it.

Sadly too tired myself to write one more word tonight. Help me out someone please 🙂 All comments gratefully welcomed.


2 thoughts on “L for Links #A to Z Challenge”

  1. You have done an excellent job presenting some of the major links.
    I like the one pertaining to paragraphs links. Regarding this one, I would suggest that any writer read as much as they can from other authors. It is necessary.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    1. So pleased to see you here again, Pat.I totally agree. I have just been reading the first of the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries by H Y Hanna and see from my Kindle that readers have been annotating her backstory paragraph links.
      A difficult task always to drip feed backstory and she does it so well.
      You’re so right. It is vital to keep reading and learning. 🙂

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