PLR –Pros and Cons

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I do recommend buying PLR . I have folders full of past purchases languishing in a to-be-used folder in my documents file.

Private Label Rights can be a quick and fast way to boost your blog posts. The packs have focused content. They’re cheaper than hiring a ghost writer for your sites. You can rewrite the information as reports, auto-responder e-mails, even use it as a basis for e-books and print books, depending on the licence.

They often include images, audio and video files and can have pre-written auto-responder and social media files as well. This is very handy for a beginner blogger or marketer and a good pack is worth its price alone for everything you can learn from it about producing your own content.

You’re an author, after all, and producing PLR for others is yet another string to your bow. It’s getting harder all the time to live from fiction alone.

But take care not to fall into the trap of buying everything that comes your way. It all sounds good but is it?

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All that Glitters…

Have you calculated your PLR costs recently? Be honest. Was it worth it?

A beginning of year calculation of my PLR costs stopped me in my tracks. I was about to click on the buy  button for a highly recommended health pack when I stopped to think.

I Googled the topic and found a brilliant site which gave me all the information I needed to research my own articles–for free.

PLR should always be rewritten anyway to put your own stamp on it. It may save you time in researching and planning but you do run the risk of finding surprisingly similar articles on competing sites. Be original.

It may promise free images but I don’t mind finding my own free images.  And PLR images do need to be changed or again you’re producing copycat info for blogs and social media. This only helps the PLR provider’s reputation rather than your own.

We all have our own favorite Internet Marketers. Mine–for always telling it how it is–is Tiffany Lambert, an ace PLR marketer who writes her own packs and only recommends providers she uses or has reviewed herself.

Avoid PLR Which…

  • has no writing sample. You must be able to see the quality.
  • has blind copy. The Sales page does not tell you exactly what you’re getting.
  • has too little content.
  • costs too much

What is too much when it comes to cost? Anything is too much if you can settle down to doing it yourself in a day or two. Pay for the things you can’t supply in a short time yourself–the videos, the social media images, the e-books.

But use them to learn how to do it for yourself in future.

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Buy PLR Which…

  • is an exact fit for your site
  • gives an example of the provider’s style, either through a free e-book or an up-to-date blog
  • offers a short money-back guarantee. You don’t want to be one of those scammers who download everything, use it, then want their money back.
  • teaches you something you want to learn for yourself.

But again, beware. Almost everything you want to know can be found online for free. All it takes is research time and the willingness to write your own copy.