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How do you reach out for help when writing and selling your books? A good publisher will have blogs and forums where you can interconnect with fellow authors. But sadly , and despite administrator requests, these all too often get taken over by blatant author promo rather than advice and help. Listen and help other authors with their writing and marketing problems and you are more likely to make friends and perhaps even sell some books.

Amazon Again

The book marketing scene is continually changing–the latest move is toward social media advertising, and if you’re an Amazon author, AMS ads. The ever-enthusiastic Dave Chesson of has brought out a  free set of training videos on marketing with Amazon ads for everyone as technically challenged as me. I keep meaning to watch them as everything I have learned through him so far has been more than useful. Highly recommended.

Facebook can be a bit of a timewaster but it also hosts some marvellous private groups for writers and self-publishers where you can get help and advice from the best in the business.

To http or not to http

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And,of course, the big news which you ignore at your peril if you want people to find your site on the Internet. Google has warned time and again and is now taking action. Change your site from a http:// prefix to the secure https://  site which shows a safe green padlock on the address bar and carries a trust certificate.

You may see no reason to change if you’re not selling anything directly from your pages. But even if you only collect email addresses for your newsletter, you have the responsibility to provide data protection for anyone who signs up on your site.

With so many SSL certificate providers in the business, adding the secure socket layer is cheaper than it used to be and can even come free through sites like Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt.

This being a site shared with my provider–its nameappears in my url–it is entitled to a free https prefix but my .com sites are not.

ALLI Conference News

Speakers at the Book Expo Indie Author Fringe at the New York Book Fair are lining up to give presentations on how to sell your book. It’s a free online event all day on June 3 and not to be missed.

Presentations will be recorded for YouTube just in case 24 hours of web-watching is too great a surfeit of pleasure.