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Suffering from Blogging Fatigue?

painting by Pieter Briueghel the Elder, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
painting by Pieter Briueghel the Elder, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

One month into the New Year and blogging fatigue may well be setting in. Why spend so much time wracking your brains to create great motivational posts when you could be writing the next great book?

You know you should.

Yaro Starak has come up with  revised version of his blogging blueprint for 2016. Geared more toward non-fiction writers, it may well inspire some new thinking in the way you look at your blog.

It may even help you increase your income. Blogs are not cheap to run these days and my aim for 2016 is to help each of my blogs pay for itself. After all we are supposed to be marketing and making money from our books.

Often it seems we pay more than we ever earn to promote them. Remember what promotes your book is your next book. Get writing now.

If you would like your own copy of the revised Blogging Blueprint, use the contact form and be sure to enter BBP2 in the subject line. I shall be reviewing it soon and would really like to know what you think of it too.

It is commercial but then that was the idea–learning a few new ways to monetize your blog


potter's wheel
photo by dan, courtesy of

Sadly web-site ownership does not always run as smoothly as a potter’s wheel. Updates and new plug-ins can disrupt files dramatically.

I am at last having to learn about running a WordPress site for myself and fixing the behind-the-scenes codes for optimum performance.

A couple of posts and the contact pages and forms are temporarily deleted but I’m hoping to have everything restored and fully working by December.

I am also pondering how best to follow the EU cookies law. At present, as far as I know, this site does not add cookies– I certainly don’t.  Word Press , I believe, may add a tracking cookie if you log in but as there is no log in access, that should not apply.

Disclaimers and disclosures will be added to the new updates.

Thanks for your patience.

Annie K.