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D for Database

spreadsheetmorguefileDatabases are not what immediately spring to mind when you’re a creative author. They’re okay for IT and business solutions, but for a writer?

Useful Database tips

  • create timesheets: log hours (minutes?)worked, progress on the WIP
  • track submissions: name of work, where sent, date, and result
  • track review sites :url, what is required, free or costs
  • track writing opportunities and free lance work.

Some helpful databases online may be of help if you’re not into planning your own.

Author Resources

Freelance Writing has a page for Writer’s Guidelines

The Writer’s Database is a free web-based system where you can track submissions, find markets by sharing listings and even get charts of your writing habits to show how much you are writing and when. You can even browse the markets without logging in. Find fun widgets there too.

Authors’ Database is a promotional site where you can add your book to the database for free. If you go on the theory that the greater web presence you have, the more likely you are to sell your book, then this is another place to use for a listing.

What sort of database info would you want to log, if any?

spreadsheet and D pendant images courtesy of the Morgue File

and a glittery D to brighten the databases  🙂