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C for Cozy and Clue


I love cozy mysteries and find them totally addictive.  So, following the write-what-you-know maxim, I knew that’s what II wanted to create.

Cast of characters: write down a small bio for each. Plot: plan according to a composite of screenwriting and novel advice.  (Shall look for links and update later,) Motivation: Lots of murderous motivations to call upon. Don’t we all have them ? 🙂

And conflict–perhaps this should have been C for Conflict. Conflict is not people having cantankerous quarrels. Conflict is created through internal and external character goals which seem irreconcilable but must be reconciled before story end.

But when it came to clues, I was clueless. The deceptive facility of the genre caught me out.  The solution: read from back to front, noting what clues might be needed, what clues are missed. They can then be inserted and hidden as appropriate earlier in the novella.

The Importance of Clues

Readers love puzzles, like looking for motivations and wondering how conflicts can be resolved.  Without this reader involvement, without reader identification with the main character or characters, novels fail.

Whatever we’re reading, we are always, consciously or not, on the lookout for clues to know what we’re supposed to be understanding from a book.

Today’s Tips: Author Resources

Canva: a great photo design site which makes it easy to create your own images. Free photos and design tutorials.

Calibre:  wonderful free software for converting a book into the reading format you need for various platforms and devices. Invaluable for reader re views as you can convert files into pdf. mobi. epub. Extra tip: I still find it best to convert a word file into pdf. before uploading. So pleased with it, I even donated…and I’m a Scot. We’re very canny with our money. 🙂

Images courtesy of Simon Howden at

Chicken fdpnetI could say I used C for Chicken as I am such a coward when it comes to sending manuscripts for editing. But it’s here because I like chickens.

A to Z Challenge

April A-Z Challenge
April A-Z Challenge

Only a week to go until the off.  I daren’t think of how much else I have to do and why  I amn’t doing it. I have been collecting a few more review sites and shall incorporate them as appropriate in my posts for the Challenge.

I thought I had signed up early and yet I’m number 629  in the registered list. There are now over 1200 blogs registered! Lots of new friends to make, new blogs to read.

And there’s still time–another ten days, in fact–to join in the fun. A blog post a day for all of April, with Sundays off for good behavior. It’s important, too, to visit five other blogs starting with the blog below yours in the list.

Read all about it in my post here

Theme for the A to Z Challenge

I’m sticking to the theme of my blog ,  and shall start with a post on Author Services and mention  a book review site beginning with A

Let’s see how long I last this year. My previous best was a G…

Perhaps I should start with A for Anxious instead. 🙂


Blogging from A to Z

April A-Z Challenge
April A-Z Challenge

The A to Z Challenge takes place in April. It’s a great way for bloggers new and old to raise their game, attract new readers and learn lots from other experts in their field.

Every day in April, except Sundays–we do get one day a week off–you post a blog article whose title begins with a letter of the alphabet A to Z so 26 posts in all.

After that you visit five other blogs on the list and leave a comment. That way you make new friends and find more followers.

You don’t need to choose a theme but I find it more fun and easier to do. I managed to reach G or H last time but have now learned from my mistakes. So I’ve signed up and am preparing as from now.

I have just over a month to:

  1. Choose a theme
  2. Draft and schedule April posts.
  3. Source pix.
  4. Add banner to blog
  5. Keep up to date with what’s going on.

And when the Challenge really gets going, I shall

  1. Post my theme on March 23
  2. Keep my blog posts short. Remember everyone is reading five a day.
  3. Make posts useful and helpful. Funny is good.
  4. Add pix or short audio/video
  5. Visit and comment faithfully.