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April A-Z Challenge
April A-Z Challenge

The A to Z Challenge takes place in April. It’s a great way for bloggers new and old to raise their game, attract new readers and learn lots from other experts in their field.

Every day in April, except Sundays–we do get one day a week off–you post a blog article whose title begins with a letter of the alphabet A to Z so 26 posts in all.

After that you visit five other blogs on the list and leave a comment. That way you make new friends and find more followers.

You don’t need to choose a theme but I find it more fun and easier to do. I managed to reach G or H last time but have now learned from my mistakes. So I’ve signed up and am preparing as from now.

I have just over a month to:

  1. Choose a theme
  2. Draft and schedule April posts.
  3. Source pix.
  4. Add banner to blog
  5. Keep up to date with what’s going on.

And when the Challenge really gets going, I shall

  1. Post my theme on March 23
  2. Keep my blog posts short. Remember everyone is reading five a day.
  3. Make posts useful and helpful. Funny is good.
  4. Add pix or short audio/video
  5. Visit and comment faithfully.




Blogging for New Authors

By Icely88 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Icely88 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Congratulations! You’ve signed your first contract or self-published the first book and now you’re dying to tell the world about it and start making the sales you know you deserve.

Marketing is still a mystery but blogging about your writing journey and the new book can’t be too difficult, can it?  After all, you’re a writer.

But how are you going to attract  all the new readers you need to make your blog stand out?

How are you going to compete with the three million or so new blogs coming online every month? These are the latest figures published in the International Association of Chiefs of Police  Fun Facts about Social Media .

A “Buy-my-Book” blog and/or email letter is not going to cut it.

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Blog (1)

We all want our blog posts to go viral in social media.  So how can you write a post to inspire your readers to share it widely on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, to name a few favorites

1. Help Your Readers Solve a Problem

Web surfers generally want to learn something, solve a problem or improve their skills. As a new author, you can help by posting your steps and missteps on the journey to publication.

You could offer work-from-home tips, time management advice, or ways to combat stress.

Make a list of all the problems you had to solve on the way to publishing your book. Share your solutions and always encourage readers to comment with their ideas too.

And remember to reply to each and every relevant comment even if just to say thanks.

2.  Encourage and Support Your Readers

Encourage them to do something positive. Publish a weekly step by step action plan to help new writers get started writing and publishing , despite the many obstacles and setbacks they experience along the way.

Give new writers a positive boost in  self-esteem and make them feel better about achieving their dreams..

 3. Inspire Joy And Happiness

 Online communities are often filled with negative opinions and comments. You just need to take a look at various news websites to see many people responding to the news in a critical way, or even full of hatred.

If you want to attract readers, you must inspire them with positive encouragement and happy outcomes instead of negativity. This also builds positive vibes for your blog.

 4. Give Your Readers a New Perspective

Your readers should feel different, more motivated after reading your posts. Show a new way to tackle old or continuing problems. Leave them with a better understanding about things. This is a bound to elicit a positive response.

5. Be Fun As Well As Interesting

Write posts that make people laugh and smile when they read them. That kind of content is what usually goes viral and attracts lots of comments from your readers. Why? Because people love to laugh.. And they love to share that happy feeling as well.

 6. Always Make People Want More

When people want to read more content from you, it means that you have done your job well as a writer or blogger.

Give readers high quality information bit by bit so that you can always entertain and inspire them with your content. That’s how you make your content go viral.

Then and only then, you can start mentioning The Book and hope to make some sales.

And before you start…

Consider carefully whether you really want to devote much time to blogging.

Jane Friedman has posted a different point of view  from author L.L. Barkat wondering whether it was time for Writers to Stop Blogging. It received 247 comments, 179 shares, nearly 700 FaceBook likes and 500 tweets.

Now that’s what you’re aiming for.

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