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A-Z Challenge

A-Z challenge theme
A-Z challenge theme


I wasn’t going to do this. I absolutely wasn’t going to do this again. I succeeded for the first time last year and intended to rest on my laurels.

I have too many commitments, no time, want a stress-free life–you know the litany, I’m sure.  Besides, I’ve disabled my comments to help avoid all the spam and hacking attacks…

But I have been teaching a lot and writing far too little lately. And last year was such fun, meeting new writers, making new friends.

So here we go again but this year I’m mainly focusing on writing rather than marketing.

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Drum roll and

Theme Reveal

Write That Cozy Mystery

This is the title of my new column for The Working Writer’s Club . But a once monthly to-do list is not going to get much writing done and I’m over a year late on my deadline.

So my Challenge posts will focus on a daily writing plan with tips and targets. Bookmark for later or write along with me.

Cozy mysteries are taking up a large share of the market right now, perhaps because the world seems such a chaotic place and we love to see order and justice triumph in our small town settings.

No planning done as yet. Will A be for Author, or Agatha or Amazing Openings? Who knows.

Please come back on April 1 and find out.

Better still, join me on the A-Z Challenge 2016.